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1970s In the 1970s, an underground urban movement known as ”hip hop” began to develop in the Bronx, New York City. A second key musical element in hip hop music is emceeing (also called MCing or rapping). By 1979 hip hop music had become a mainstream genre. DJ Kool Herc is a pioneer in developing hip hop music.

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Hip-hop: Hip-hop, cultural movement that attained popularity in the 1980s and ’90s and the backing music for rap, the musical style incorporating rhythmic and/or rhyming speech that became the movement’s most lasting and influential art form. Learn more about hip-hop’s history and culture in this article.

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If you start in the past and work all the way to the present, the history of hip-hop spreads out in every direction. It dates back to the 1920s when the earliest form of hip-hop dance was invented. It includes the Jamaican dancehall toasting era of the 50s and 60s.

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Cultural origins: 1970s, the Bronx, New York City

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Like any style of music, hip hop has roots in other forms, and its evolution was shaped by many different artists, but there’s a case to be made that it came to life precisely on this day in 1973, at a birthday party in the recreation room of an apartment building in the west Bronx, New York City.

Hip-hop history began in the Bronx 44 years ago today

On a hot summer night in 1973, DJ Kool Herc manned the decks at a now-legendary party, giving birth to hip-hop as we know it.

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Aug 11, 2017 · Let Today’s Google Doodle Honor Hip-Hop History and Suck Your Time Away

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Aug 11, 2017 · Hip Hop has done exactly what its founders set out to do, whether wittingly or unwittingly. It placed an accessible culture, relatable to any marginalized group in the world, at the forefront of music.

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